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Appendix 6: Sponsorship and activity guidelines for RACGP CPD approved activities

RACGP CPD Activity Guidelines

      1. RACGP CPD Activity Guidelines

Last revised: 01 Dec 2023

RACGP CPD Activity Guidelines

Checklist for CPD activities

Please check all CPD activity materials, including PowerPoint presentation, handouts, and any other relevant collateral to ensure the following:

Generic names are used throughout  
There are no product or brand names of pharmaceutical products  
There are no images of bottles and/or containers displaying recognisable brand name or pharmaceutical company identifiers  
There are no links provided to pharmaceutical companies, distributors or producers   
There are no product disclosure statement links or documents supplied  
Validity of research
Research used in designing the education is current and relevant
(less than 10 years old) and is evidence based 
Research used in the design is independent and from reputable sources
(for example, RACGP, TGA) 
Sources of evidence are referenced with author, title, publication as
well as website page links