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Appendix 1: RACGP CPD Standards

RACGP CPD Activity Standards

        1. RACGP CPD Activity Standards

Last revised: 01 Dec 2023

RACGP CPD Activity Standards

These standards inform the development of continuing professional development (CPD) activities for the RACGP CPD home under the Professional Performance Framework of the Medical Board of Australia (MBA).

CPD activities are undertaken to meet the MBA CPD registration standards. The MBA defines CPD activity types as:

  • educational activities (knowledge and skills)
  • reviewing performance
  • measuring outcomes.

RACGP CPD activities use the same categorisation.

These standards can be used by individuals and organisations developing CPD activities to meet the RACGP CPD activity requirements. They also form the basis for adjudication of CPD activities by the RACGP CPD home.

CPD providers will also need to meet the RACGP CPD Provider Standards.