Provider handbook

Appendix 1: RACGP CPD Standards

RACGP CPD Provider Standards

        1. RACGP CPD Provider Standards

Last revised: 01 Dec 2023

RACGP CPD Provider Standards

These standards inform the organisational and CPD activity requirements of CPD providers within the RACGP CPD home under the Professional Performance Framework of the MBA. In addition, the Provider Standards will be the basis for accreditation of CPD providers by the RACGP CPD home. RACGP CPD providers will also need to ensure that all CPD approved activities meet the RACGP CPD Activity Standards.

As a CPD home, the RACGP is required to demonstrate that RACGP CPD approved activities meet the Australian Medical Council standards. This includes ensuring the standard of CPD activities produced by RACGP CPD providers is quality assured.

In addition, all RACGP CPD approved activities will need to meet:

  • MBA CPD requirements
  • RACGP CPD requirements.

Central to these requirements, RACGP CPD approved activities need to:

  • meet or exceed minimum quality CPD activity standards
  • be relevant to Australian general practice.

These standards are outcomes-based to reflect best contemporary educational practice, but also to promote the development of innovative CPD activities.