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Closing, relocating, merging and selling your practice


Last revised: 24 Oct 2019

Changes to your practice

Almost inevitably, your practice will go through one or more organisational changes, which may be planned or unplanned. Whatever the circumstances, there are several HR, legal and administrative costs and disruptions that you need to plan for.

Unplanned organisational changes are generally the result of events (such as death, illness, and accidents) that force you to make a change to how your practice operates.

Although these changes are unplanned, you can prepare for them by:

  • including in any partnership agreement what will happen if there is an unplanned changes (eg transfer of ownership, payments to be made, responsibility for the business’s liabilities, periods of time before any significant change can occur)
  • establishing a succession plan so that the practice’s operations can continue with minimal disruption to patients and others
  • knowing which specialists you will approach for expert advice about legal, financial, medical regulations, and human relations matters.

Although this module does not specifically address unplanned changes, some of its content will be useful if you are faced with an unplanned change.

Planned organisational changes include:

  • relocating your existing practice and maintaining ownership
  • merging with another practice (you may or may not continue working there)
  • selling the practice to someone else (you may or may not continue working there)
  • closing the practice and working elsewhere
  • closing your practice permanently (eg when you retire).

This module provides advice about dealing with these changes.

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