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General practice tool kit

Closing, relocating, merging and selling your practice

Your practice’s team

Last revised: 24 Oct 2019

Supporting your team

Explain to your staff (employees and contractors) what is happening and why. Discuss what they would like from the change and how you can support each other through the change.

To ensure you meet your legal and moral obligations, seek professional advice in areas relating to employment and human resources, as well as the legal and financial issues you need to consider.

If you are selling the practice to someone else, the new owner might employ some or all of your staff, but some of them may lose their employment. Encourage the new owner to keep as many as possible, as this can benefit not only the employees, but the new owner and your patients. 

If the practice is re-locating, none, some or all of your staff might move with you, and some staff may need support if they need to find other employment or adjust their working arrangements.

If the practice is closing completely, your staff’s employment will come to an end and you may need to offer them advice and support.

Whether you are transferring or closing your business, your employees have certain entitlements, to which you (and the new owner, if you are selling the business) must comply. If you are merging or re-locating, some of these requirements may still apply.

The requirements, which vary between states and territories, include:

Contractors can generally be terminated without a process, however, contracts can be complex, so seek professional advice to confirm your contractual requirements and obligations.

During the change period, maintain good relationships with contractors and communicate with them frequently so they have sufficient notice of upcoming changes.

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