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Last revised: 24 Oct 2019


Although a website requires planning, ongoing maintenance and some costs, you can use your website to:

  • provide your patients and community with current information (eg your practice’s address, hours, staff members, local health issues such as flu epidemics)
  • provide specific information to target audiences
  • increase your exposure in the community
  • promote your practice
  • provide your patients and the community with your policies (eg privacy policy, communication policy)
  • give your patients a tool to make appointments online.

You will need a unique domain name and a web host before you can launch your website, both of which will be part of your start-up costs.

Depending on your budget and requirements, you can use an online website builder or engage a web designer.

Whenever you create or update content on your website, consider relevant privacy and security considerations. For example, you cannot use photos of patients without their permission.

Consider appointing responsibility for maintaining the content of your website to a team member, and providing them with the training and support they will need to do this job properly.

If you advertise on your website, your advertisements must comply with relevant legislation and guidelines.

RACGP Standards

C1.1 A Our patients can access up-to-date information about the practice.
At a minimum, this information contains:

  • our practice’s address and telephone numbers
  • our consulting hours and details of arrangements for care outside normal opening hours
  • our practice’s billing principles
  • a list of our practitioners
  • our practice’s communication policy, including when and how we receive and return telephone calls and electronic communications
  • our practice’s policy for managing patient health information (or its principles and how full details can be obtained from the practice)
  • how to provide feedback or make a complaint to the practice
  • details on the range of services we provide.

GP1.3 A Our patients are informed about how they can access after-hours care.

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