Infection prevention and control guidelines

9. Cleaning, laundry and waste management


      1. Toilets


Toilets must be easily accessible and well signposted. They will ideally be located inside the practice but, if this is not possible, they must be as close to the practice as possible.

You could provide separate toilets for the practice team and patients.

Toilets must be supplied with:

  • toilet paper for each toilet
  • hand washing facilities, including a sink and liquid hand cleanser (see Hand hygiene technique)
  • rubbish bins
  • sanitary bins or hygienic means to dispose of sanitary items
  • exhaust fan/s for ventilation (see Ventilation).

Supply paper towel wherever liquid handwash and water is used for hand hygiene, including adjacent to toilets. The use of hot air driers is acceptable in toilets (see Drying hands).