Infection prevention and control guidelines

9. Cleaning, laundry and waste management

Monitoring of cleaning

      1. Monitoring of cleaning

Last revised: 17 Jun 2024

Monitoring of cleaning

Adherence to the cleaning schedule can be monitored by setting up a cleaning record in which staff record completion of scheduled cleaning rounds and extra cleaning after spills.

Contract cleaners can be required to complete a checklist of cleaning tasks. From time to time, records can be audited for adherence.

The effectiveness of cleaning is usually done through visual inspection, such as spot checking of surfaces each morning to confirm the previous day’s scheduled cleaning has been completed.

Routine microbiological sampling and other methods applicable to larger health facilities (fluorescent markers, tracing agents) is generally not feasible or required in general practices and other office-based practices.

Discrepancies in the cleaning record or any observed problems in cleaning must be reported to the staff member responsible for overseeing cleaning.