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FSP Training Site and Supervisor Handbook

Overview of the FSP program

About the FSP

Last revised: 04 Aug 2023

About the FSP

The Fellowship Support Program (FSP) is an education and training program. It includes self-directed learning, in-practice learning, optional workshops, and workplace-based assessments (WBAs) for feedback and progress monitoring. Registrars work in accredited training practices under supervision.

The program has two components (see Figure 1): 

  1. Education and training component
    • 24 months (i.e. four six-month general practice terms: GPT1, 2, 3, and 4)
    • registrars may be granted recognition of prior learning and experience (RPLE) if they have two years full-time equivalent (FTE) comprehensive Australian general practice experience and six months satisfactory progress in the FSP.  If RPLE is granted, the registrar will complete three terms only (18 months in total).
  2. Post-education component
    • assessment of registrar's eligibility to commence Fellowship examinations is determined
    • when exam eligible, six exam semesters (36 months) - known as the candidacy period - during which a registrar can attempt Fellowship exams
    • an additional six months for awarding of Fellowship (pending successful exam attempts).

Registrars can work part-time during the FSP but must complete all education and training requirements on a full-time basis, meaning their program time remains unchanged. Registrars completing rural generalist training have at least an additional year to complete additional rural skills training (ARST).

Most FSP training is done in non-metropolitan areas, and registrars are expected to live in the rural communities where they work (non-metropolitan areas are known as Modified Monash Model (MMM) 2–7 locations). Some FSP registrars will be permitted to work in MMM1 locations under extenuating circumstances.

FSP Registrars are required to work in accredited training sites under accredited supervisors. For more information see the FSP Accreditation Standards and Accreditation Application Handbook.