FSP Training Site and Supervisor Handbook

For practices

Practice reporting requirements

Practice reporting requirements

Throughout a registrar’s placement, reporting by the training practice allows us to monitor the requirements of the practice and supervisors, as well as confirm that the registrar is achieving their training outcomes.

Any issues that are identified will be promptly managed by the local RACGP team. This may take the form of a discussion with the supervisor and/or practice manager, the provision of additional support, or remediation actions. Any issues will be documented and, if necessary, escalated to the Accreditation unit.

Training sites need to submit regular reports confirming the deliverables outlined in the Training Site and Supervisor Agreements, which will be confirmed by the registrar. Once the reports are received, supervisor payments will be actioned. Registrars will be asked to provide feedback on their training site which will be used for accreditation compliance and quality assurance.