FSP Training Site and Supervisor Handbook

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Support for practices

Last revised: 04 Aug 2023

Support for practices

Hosting a registrar is a rewarding experience for training sites, but we recognise it can also be stressful and may change the staff dynamic at the site. With this in mind, we've developed the supports below to help.

RACGP teams

Training sites are supported by their training coordinator and medical educator, and their accreditation team.

Guidance from these key contacts will be tailored to ensure that you have the right information and resources to support your registrar, practice and supervisory team throughout their training.

Networking and professional development

Practice managers will have the opportunity to engage with their regional teams during training site visits, regular check-ins, peer networking sessions and professional development workshops. You can expect to hear more about these opportunities from your regional teams.

General Practice Supervisors Australia

General Practice Supervisors Australia (GPSA) has many resources to support training sites, such as information on how to prepare your site for hosting a registrar, along with checklists, fact sheets and links to useful resources. Visit the Supporting practices pages on their website.