FSP Training Site and Supervisor Handbook

For supervisors

Evaluate your teaching

Last revised: 04 Aug 2023

Evaluate your teaching

Evaluation of the supervision and teaching delivered by you and your supervisory team involves reflecting and then developing a plan to respond to issues you identify. Evaluation helps to improve not only performance, but also the learning environment in your practice.

Registrars can be reluctant to provide honest feedback to training sites and supervisors, particularly if they feel that it may impact on their training and career progression. Obtaining honest feedback from your registrar about the supervision and teaching provided is possible if you have shown that you are willing to receive and act on feedback. You’re more likely to receive useful feedback if you ask specific questions about the delivery of teaching. For example, you may ask the registrar about the timing of teaching sessions or the availability of supervisors when called.

Supervisory team meetings can be used for evaluation. The team can be asked to reflect on the development of the registrar and any feedback received. If a ‘no fault’ culture is encouraged in the team, much can be learnt from discussing any critical incidents that have occurred or times when the registrar couldn’t access appropriate supervision immediately.

GPSA has a GP Clinical Learning Environment Framework that can guide continuous quality improvement of the practice learning environment.