Putting it into practice: Implementing Healthy Habits in your practice

Part 3 - Billing and MBS

Last revised: 04 Oct 2022

Part 3 - Billing and MBS

The business case for implementing Healthy Habits in your practice

General Practices are a business, and practice owners and managers need to consider whether new services and initiatives are feasible for their practice.

To help determine this, we have collated a list of MBS item numbers that could be used when either running a dedicated Healthy Habits based consultation or incorporating Healthy Habits into a more complex appointment. Please note, this is general advice, and it is the responsibility of the GP or practice to ensure the appropriate MBS item numbers are claimed.

MBS item numbers relevant to Healthy Habits based consultations

Regular consultation items Item number
Level B consultation (lasting <20 minutes) 23
Level C consultation (lasting ≥20 minutes)
Chronic Disease Management items 
Preparation of GP management plan (GPMP) 721
Coordination of Team Care Arrangements (TCA) 723
Review of GPMP 732
Service provided by Nurse or Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander health practitioner as part of GPMP or TCA 10997
Case conferencing 
GP attendance to organise and coordinate case conferencing as member of multidisciplinary team (lasting ≥15 minutes, <20 minutes) 735
As above (lasting ≥20 minutes, <40 minutes) 739
As above (lasting ≥40 minutes) 743
Health Assessments 
Health assessment by GP lasting at least 20 minutes on patient ≥30 years old 699
Standard health assessment by GP (lasting >30 minutes, <45 minutes) 703
As above (lasting ≥45 minutes, <60 minutes) 705
Health assessment of person of Aboriginal or Torres Strait Islander decent by GP (once every 9 months or more) 715
Follow up by nurse or Aboriginal or Torres Strait Islander health practitioner for an Indigenous person who has received a health assessment 10987