RACGP Rural Generalist Fellowship Training Handbook

Rural Generalist Overview

CEO welcome message

CEO welcome message

Congratulations on your decision to enter the RACGP’s Rural Generalist Fellowship training program.   

The Rural Generalist Fellowship journey recognises the extra requirements and skills of rural general practitioners (GPs) and supports you to meet the diverse health needs of rural and remote communities. Whilst a GP with Fellowship of the RACGP (FRACGP) can practice unsupervised anywhere in Australia –the extra skills gained as part of the Rural Generalist Fellowship extend your scope of practise and support you to meet the diverse health needs of your community.  

The RACGP rural generalist qualification has robust and modern curricula aligned to the National Rural Generalist Pathway. With this qualification you will further develop your emergency medicine skills with a brand new core emergency medicine training module and updated additional rural skills training (ARST) curricula aligned with the National RG Pathway.   

The RACGP is committed to supporting you through your training journey towards the Rural Generalist Fellowship, equipping you with the knowledge, skills and experience you need to practise independently anywhere in Australia. During your time in rural generalist training, you’ll treat a range of patient populations, train under experienced rural supervisors and mentors, and develop additional rural skills to broaden local options for safe, accessible and comprehensive care for Australia’s rural, remote and very remote communities.  

This handbook includes all the information you need to complete the rural generalist component of your general practice training. You’ll find information about the whole journey from enrolment through to Fellowship. The handbook includes information on your program team, training requirements, placement processes, additional support and more.   

In 2023, the general practice colleges resume responsibility for training the next generation of GPs. We are very excited, while being aware of just how big a responsibility this is. Our highest priority is ensuring the transition is seamless for everyone involved in training and for the communities we serve.  

You are joining a supportive community of registrars, practising GPs and RACGP staff. The RACGP will support you not only throughout your training but also during the rest of your career, giving you access to networks of like-minded individuals, ongoing training and professional development, up-to-date general practice news and research, and a support network structure.   

Welcome, and enjoy your training!   

Paul Wappett  
Chief Executive Officer