Putting it into practice: Implementing Healthy Habits in your practice

Part 6 - Quality improvement

Last revised: 04 Oct 2022

Part 6 - Quality improvement

Plan, Do, Study, Act cycle template

A Plan, Do, Study, Act (PDSA) cycle is a simple tool to help improve clinical practice. PDSA cycles help practices to implement a planned improvement by breaking it down into smaller, more manageable stages. The Healthy Habits PDSA cycle template has been produced to help you not only assess, reflect on, and improve your practice’s use of Healthy Habits, but provide an opportunity to contribute to your practice’s quality improvement activities as part of general practice accreditation. Completing PDSA cycles can also contribute to GP’s Continual Professional Development (CPD) requirements. GP members can self-report  'Measuring Outcomes' CPD hours for undertaking this PDSA activity.

Utilising Healthy Habits as a part of general practice accreditation

Incorporating Healthy Habits into practice activities can help you provide examples of how your practice achieves the following indicators at your next accreditation visit:

Criterion C1.3 – Informed patient decisions
C1.3 B Our patients receive information to support the diagnosis, treatment, and management of their conditions.
Criterion C3.4 – Practice communication and teamwork
C3.4 B Our practice encourages involvement and input from all members of the practice team.
Criterion C4.1 – Health promotion and preventive care Indicator
C4.1 A Our patients receive appropriately tailored information about health promotion, illness prevention, and preventive care.
Criterion C7.1 – Content of patient health records
C7.1 G Our patient health records contain, for each active patient, lifestyle risk factors.
Criterion QI1.1 – Quality improvement activities Indicators

The PIP QI incentive provides payments to general practices who participate in quality improvement (QI) activities. Implementing Healthy Habits provides multiple opportunities for practices to focus on QI processes. A PDSA cycle template has been developed to assist practices with implementing QI activities relating to Healthy Habits.

Refer to the RACGP Standards for general practices (5th edition) for more information.

Download the RACGP Healthy Habits PDSA Cycle Template.