RACGP 2024-25
Advocacy Plan

RACGP 2024-25
Advocacy Plan

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Last updated 28 May 2024

The RACGP’s Advocacy Plan is a compass for us to focus on what matters to members 

The RACGP’s 2024-25 Advocacy Plan is a compass to ensure our advocacy is clear, consistent and focused on what matters most to our members and their patients.

The Plan has four strategic priority areas for RACGP advocacy, with various focus areas underpinning each. This includes: 
  • The central role of general practice in the health system 
    • Embed cultural safety for Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander practitioners and patients. 
    • Support at-risk populations to ensure everyone in Australia has access to high-quality, affordable care. 
    • Safeguard human health from climate change. 
  • Ensuring the viability of general practice 
    • Restore the viability of general practice. 
  • Supporting the primary care workforce 
    • Grow and sustain the general practice workforce. 
    • Deliver world class training pathways for GPs. 
    • Ensure rural and remote communities have equitable access to high-quality general practice care. 
  • Advocating for health system quality and safety 
    • Uphold safety and quality standards in modern primary care. 
    • Improve care transitions in general practice and the wider health system. 
    • Unlock the value of general practice through enhanced research.  

Why is advocacy important?

It’s a critical time for general practice advocacy and the RACGP’s new Advocacy Plan ensures we focus on what matters most to members.   

Australia’s primary care sector is undergoing significant reform, including the Federal Government’s Strengthening Medicare and Scope of Practice Review. 

There’s never been a more important time for the RACGP to advocate strongly and consistently for your profession and patients. 

Our Advocacy Plan was developed collaboratively by national, state and territory faculties, expert committees and informed by member insights from our regular advocacy surveys. 

Strong advocacy is central to the RACGP’s mission to improve the health and wellbeing of all people in Australia by supporting GPs, registrars and medical students to provide excellent patient care and community service. 

We know members want the RACGP to be a strong advocate for their profession – 96% of members said advocacy is important in our 2023 member survey. 

  • Our advocacy plan will: 
    • provide clarity and transparency on our advocacy priorities for members 
    • empower members to get involved in our advocacy and let us know if something is missing 
    • enable effective reporting on our advocacy efforts to ensure accountability. 

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RACGP 2024-25 Advocacy Plan

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