• The Commonwealth government funding for the Practice Experience Program (PEP) is ending in June 2023.
  • The RACGP has developed the FSP to enable continuation of educational support for Non-Vocationally Registered doctors on their journey to Fellowship.
  • We have developed the FSP to support continuity of care for those communities that need it most, by ensuring GPs in rural and remote areas of Australia in particular are supported and adequately trained to work in Australian general practice.

The Government funded Non-Vocationally Registered Fellowship Support Program, which provides a subsidy to those on the current Practice Experience Program, ceases in June 2023. The RACGP is actively advocating for Government support to subsidise the new program and will raise this with the Government following the election, however there is no certainty that funding will be provided. As such, we want to show our support to our members on the General Practice Experience Pathway by offering a self-funded education and training program that will enable them to progress towards Fellowship. The exact fee for the FSP will be confirmed by June 2022.


  • The FSP is designed to support non–vocationally registered (non-VR) doctors on the General Practice Experience Pathway.
  • Due to amendments made to the General Practice Experience Pathway – Exam Eligibility Policy, all medical practitioners who wish to enrol in the RACGP Fellowship examinations are now required to complete an RACGP-approved program. The FSP replaces the Practice Experience Program – Standard and will be recognised as an approved program and will therefore meet this new exam eligibility requirement.
  • Doctors who wish to apply for this program must meet the requirements outlined in the GP Fellowship Program Placement Guidelines for provider number authorisation. In summary, applicants must work in a Modified Monash Model 2019 (MMM 2019) 2-7 location.
  • Applicants already working in MMM1 locations can participate in the FSP, but they must be working with their own Provider Number (unless there are extenuating circumstances)
  • In addition, their training location should provide comprehensive general practice as per the Comprehensive General Practice Guidance Document. Please read the guidelines for further details.


It is expected that the FSP will start in January 2023. The exact start date will be announced by June 2022.