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Prevention of chronic disease

Physical activity

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Ask about the patient's current level of physical activity and sedentary behaviour, and assess against current guidelines.

Provide age-specific advice on meeting recommended levels of sedentary behaviour and physical activity.

The message that any physical activity is better than none is important. If a patient does not already engage in regular physical activity, they can be encouraged to start by doing some, and then gradually build up to the recommended amount.135 Advice, written physical activity materials and referral should be tailored to age (refer to Table 7.5.1).

Table 7.5.1

Table 7.5.1

Physical activity: Assessment, advice and referral

Physical inactivity interventions

Table 7.5.2

Physical inactivity interventions

Physically inactive patients may be referred to physical activity programs or classes run by local community organisations. Those who have a chronic medical condition and complex needs may benefit from referral to an accredited exercise physiologist or physiotherapist. For more information, refer to the RACGP’s SNAP guide,2nd edn.82

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