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Prevention of chronic disease


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Ask adults how many portions of fruits or vegetables they eat in a day and advise to follow the NHMRC’s Australian dietary guidelines (B).85 Brief advice should be given to eat two serves of fruit and five serves of vegetables per day (2 + 5 portions), and to limit sugar, saturated fat, salt and alcohol.

Breastfeeding should be promoted as the most appropriate method for feeding infants (and one that offers protection against infection and some chronic diseases).85 Refer to Chapter 3. Preventive activities in children and young people for nutrition-related recommendations.

Nutrition-related complications: Identifying risk

Table 7.3.1

Nutrition-related complications: Identifying risk

Nutrition-related complications: Preventive interventions

Table 7.3.2

Nutrition-related complications: Preventive interventions

For further information, refer to the RACGP’s SNAP guide, 2nd edn,82 and NHMRC’s Australian dietary guidelines.85

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