Become a GP

General practice in Australia

In Australia, general practice provides a medical home offering person-centred, continuing, comprehensive and coordinated whole-person healthcare to individuals and families and the GP plays a central role in the delivery of healthcare to the Australian community.

Within Australia, each state or territory, region and rural town has its own distinctive character. Wherever you choose to settle and practise as a GP, the RACGP welcomes you and we hope your experience will be valuable to your future medical career.

In Australia, the GP:

  • is most likely the first point of contact in matters of personal health
  • coordinates the care of patients and refers patients to other specialists
  • cares for patients in a whole-of-person approach and in the context of their work, family and community
  • cares for patients of all ages and sexes, across all disease categories
  • cares for patients over a period of their lifetime
  • provides advice and education on healthcare
  • performs legal processes such as certification of documents or provision of reports in relation to motor transport or work accidents
  • often provides special medical services, (skin care or women’s health)
  • may be involved in research related to primary care. In Australia, general practice is a medical speciality (similar to what is often known as family medicine or family practice in other countries). Entry to the speciality may be achieved by admission to the FRACGP.

The role of the RACGP

The RACGP is Australia’s largest professional general practice organisation, representing over 39,000 members working in or towards a career in general practice.

The RACGP is responsible for setting and maintaining the standards for quality clinical practice, education and research, and provides products and services to support GPs at every stage of their professional life.

We recognise the diversity among doctors who may wish to become GPs and offer a number of training opportunities and pathways to Fellowship. Fellowship is the admission to the specialty of general practice and represents excellence in general practice.