Rural Generalist Fellowship

Rural Generalist Fellowship

About the Rural Generalist Fellowship

The Rural Generalist (RG) Fellowship is awarded in addition to the vocational Fellowship of the RACGP (FRACGP). It aims to develop additional rural skills and broaden options for safe, accessible and comprehensive care for Australia’s rural, remote and very remote communities. 

You have four years to complete the requirements and achieve dual RACGP fellowship (FRACGP, FRACGP-RG). The RG Fellowship is a recognised end-point for rural generalist training on state and territory rural generalist programs and under the AGPT Rural Generalist (AGPT RG) Policy.  

Why choose the RACGP:

  • A balanced focus – Gain experience in hospital and community-based care settings so you’re well equipped to work across both
  • Flexibility – If your situation changes, you can opt in or out of RG training later without penalty
  • Support – Connect with colleagues across the country and access a network of support by joining the college that represents four out of five rural GPs
  • Stronger pathways – Further develop your emergency medicine skills with a brand new training module and updated ARST curricula that aligns with the National RG Pathway
  • Broaden your horizons beyond training – After Fellowship, you can choose to work in private practice, hospitals, the Royal Flying Doctor service, Australian Defence Force, retrieval medicine, Aboriginal Medical Services or even overseas in places like Antarctica
  • Experience – The RACGP is the largest representative of rural GPs in Australia, with more than 22,000 members and more than 10,000 GPs living and working in rural areas; we’ve been training rural GPs for over 60 years. 

Extend your scope of practice and make a difference

Rural Generalists deliver primary care services, emergency medicine and additional skills like obstetrics, anaesthetics and mental health services to provide access to a broader range of specialist medical care in their communities.

The RG Fellowship recognises the extra requirements and skills of rural GPs and supports you to meet the diverse health needs of rural and remote communities.

Apply now Transition to the RG Fellowship

Registrars training under the AGPT RG policy may also add an additional 12 months of ARST. You can choose to opt in or out of this policy at any time during training without penalty.

Training requirements   Rural Generalist Fellowship 
Hospital term  12 months full time equivalent (FTE) hospital term (can be postgraduate year 2 or above)
Rural GP terms  18 months FTE community-based general practice (including a minimum of 12 months FTE in rural MMM3-7 location)
Additional Rural Skills Training (ARST)  12 months FTE of skills training in an accredited training post with the Rural Generalist Fellowship curriculums.
Emergency medicine  Core-emergency medicine training including 6 months FTE of training in an accredited emergency medicine facility with appropriate supervision.
Learning plan and reflection  Online skills self-assessment, reflection and learning activities. 
Community project  Optional activity unless required by ARST curriculum (Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander health).

AGPT new applicants and current registrars

There is no registration fee for new applicants or current AGPT registrars.

The Additional Rural Skills Training (ARST) fee of $2,800 (GST free) will be charged right before you start your Additional Rural Skills Training post. The ARST fee is only payable for the six RACGP managed ARSTs. The ARST fees for anaesthetics, obstetrics and emergency medicine are administered by the relevant medical college (ANZCA, RANZCOG or ACEM).

RVTS and FSP registrars

A $950 (GST free) registration fee is applicable to all RVTS and FSP registrars as the programs are not government funded, in addition to the ARST fee of $2,800 (GST free).

Practising GP new applicants

A $950 (GST free) registration fee is applicable to all practising GP new applicants (those who do not already hold the FARGP). If you are applying for Recognition of Prior Learning (RPL) for your ARST, the ARST fee will not apply to you.

Practising GP transition applications (for FARGP holders)

A $675 (GST free) registration fee will apply to all FARGP holders who would like to transition to the Rural Generalist Fellowship. This is a one-off payment with no further costs involved.

Rural Generalist Fellowship
Additional Rural Skills Training            
Access ARST options and curriculums


Additional Rural Skills Training            
Access ARST options and curriculums

Core emergency medicine training

Emergency medicine training requirements


Practising GPs

Find out about recognition of prior learning

Community project
Find out more about the community project

Rural Generalist recognition
Find out about more about Rural Generalist recognition

Frequently asked questions

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For further details please contact the Rural team on:
1800 636 764
  • Candidates enrolled in the FARGP are invited to transition to the FRACGP-RG via a recognition of prior learning application process and have until 31 December 2023 to apply 
  • Members who hold the FARGP are invited to obtain the FRACGP-RG via a recognition of prior learning application (fee applicable) and have until 30 June 2023 to apply