Special interests

Learn more about how you can pursue your special interests in the AGPT Program.


Special interests

Learn more about how you can pursue your special interests in the AGPT Program.


AGPT Special interests

One of the many benefits of specialising as a GP is the ability to develop, pursue and change special interests not only during training, but throughout your career. Some specialisations you might be interested in include academic research, rural generalism, or Aboriginal health. During your training, you may have the opportunity to explore some of these areas of interest, as well as others during your Extended Skills training term.

Academic research

The RACGP is known for its support of early career researchers and has been credited with starting and supporting many general practice research careers. Find out more about how you can undertake an academic post during your training.

Special interests 

Did you know the RACGP has a faculty dedicated to special interests, currently supporting 33 different specialty groups. Find out more about this faculty and how they can support you during your training and GP career.

Rural Generalism

The RACGP’s Rural Generalist (RG) Fellowship recognises the extra requirements and skills of rural generalists and supports you to meet the diverse health needs of rural and remote communities. Learn about RG disciplines and posts available.

Aboriginal health

Training in an Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander health training post is an important opportunity to develop your skills as a holistic and community minded practitioner. Find out more about training opportunities available in Aboriginal health and the RACGP Aboriginal Health Faculty.

Getting started with AGPT

Find out everything you need to know about the AGPT in the 2024 AGPT Handbook.

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