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Supports and subsidies

Learn about financial supports you can access during your AGPT training.

Supports and subsidies

Learn about financial supports you can access during your AGPT training.

Last updated 11 April 2024

AGPT supports and subsidies

We’re  committed to ensuring that registrars receive financial and education support during their training. On the Australian General Practice Training Program, you’ll enjoy dedicated supervision, set aside in-practice teaching, paid out-of-practice education as well as personalised mentoring and support from local medical educators and other RACGP team members. In addition, there are many financial supports to assist you during training.

Nationally consistent payments for registrars

These payments are made to registrars each six-month term that they are training in a GP term in a rural MMM2-7 location. Payments can be used for registrar relocation; rental assistance; travel and accommodation for non-mandatory education and training activities; self-directed learning support; well being and psychological support; and learning materials.

Payments include:
MMM2: $1,800 MMM3-4: $3,425
MMM5: $4,810 MMM6-7: $9,250

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Flexible fund placement incentives

Flexible funds are payments to support registrars training in identified priority areas of workforce need. Payments range from $5,000 up to $45,000 per six-month GP training term, and can be used for relocation costs, rent, education/child care, training costs, travel for personal health care or wellbeing, internet connectivity hardware.

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HELP debt reduction for rural doctors

Under this scheme, eligible doctors can have their HELP fees eliminated if they work in an MMM 3-5 location for the full length of their degree, or work in an MMM 6-7 location for half of the length of their degree.

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Workforce Incentive Program (WIP)

The WIP may be accessible by AGPT registrars who provide a minimum amount of eligible primary care services in MMM 3 to 7 locations. Incentives are based on a sliding scale according to remoteness and how long you spend in a particular location based on its local classification (MMM).

Most payments commence from year 2 onward and range from $4,500 up to $60,000 depending on duration and MMM classification.

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Rural Procedural Grants Program (RPGP)

Under this program, GP registrars who have completed advanced specialised training with RACGP and provide rural procedural services, can apply for grants of up to $32,000. This can contribute towards the cost of attending continuing professional development to maintain or increase procedural and emergency medicine skills (including emergency mental health).

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Getting started with AGPT

Find out everything you need to know about the AGPT in the 2024 AGPT Handbook.

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Training support

GP career and application support

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