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RACGP educational framework

Guiding instruments

Last revised: 05 Oct 2023

Guiding instruments

Figure 3. The guiding instruments of RACGP education 

The three guiding instruments (Figure 3) are publicly available documents that provide direction for learners and education providers at all stages of general practice education from medical school through to post-fellowship education. They are also used by the organisational units within the RACGP responsible for ensuring high quality and consistency in general practice education.  

The educational framework ensures that regular evaluation and revision of the guiding instruments occurs. By revising these instruments, we ensure that they:  

  • remain consistent with each other  
  • are aligned with the guiding principles and the educational imperatives  
  • have utility for the educational programs


The Progressive capability profile of the general practitioner (the Profile) is a statement of the RACGP’s view of what an Australian GP is and does. It describes the outcomes of training and the standard expected of a GP practising independently in Australia. It is structured around the roles of a GP’s work and the high-level capabilities required of a GP in Australia. It details the competencies required for these capabilities and the component knowledge, skills, and attitudes for each competency. The progressive development of these competencies is mapped to four key training milestones which are based on stages in the expanding scope of practice of the general practice training journey.  

The Profile contains the Statement of Fellowship outcomes, which provides a list of all the competencies expected to be achieved at the point of Fellowship – it is a statement of all the outcomes of training and the standard expected of a GP practising independently in Australia.  

The Profile aims to be inspirational for those contemplating or engaging in a career as an Australian GP. It informs and aligns with the RACGP curricula, it is a guide for education providers in their development of education and training programs, and it is the basis of the blueprint for assessment for RACGP Fellowship. It also informs the RACGP education policies and standards, is a benchmark for judging professional behaviour, and guides return to practice after extended absence or remediation. 

The RACGP curriculum and syllabus for Australian general practice describes the learning outcomes of GP education orientated around the health needs of patients and Australia’s diverse communities. It informs the development and delivery of training programs and guides learners as they work towards Fellowship. It provides a range of learning methods and experiences, including self-directed and opportunistic learning and shared learning with supervisors and colleagues. The curriculum and syllabus also serve as a guide and tool to assist with remediation, for GPs returning to work after absence, and for continuing professional development. 

There is a specific additional curricula for the Rural Generalist Fellowship (RG). The RG Fellowship complements the Fellowship of the RACGP (FRACGP). The RG Fellowship requires an extension of the capabilities required for the FRACGP to meet the needs of remote and rural communities. The program requires completion of further core emergency training as well as additional rural skills training (ARST). There are a range of additional rural skills that an RG candidate may wish to pursue. Each ARST has its own curriculum which defines the competencies to be expected upon completion, as well as the content, context, and assessment of the training.    

The RACGP education policies and standards outline the regulatory requirements for the delivery of RACGP education and aim to maintain a high standard of general practice education in Australia. They are designed to ensure high-quality, effective education and safe clinical practice. They also give direction to education providers by detailing the RACGP’s expectations for the delivery of education.  

The education policies and standards align with the guiding principles and with the policies, standards and requirements of the AMC and MBA that relate to the RACGP. As well as being directive, they are also measures of performance for the purposes of accreditation and promoting quality, and for resolving disputes in judging the adequacy of education delivery and engagement.  

The education policies and standards are informed by the capability profile and support the delivery of the curriculum and syllabus. 


The education policies and guides assist internal and external educational stakeholders in the application of the education policies. Policies provide the high-level principles and requirements with procedural information delivered in handbooks and guides tailored to specific cohorts.   


RACGP Standards for general practice training  

The RACGP Standards for general practice training (the Standards) define the requirements for any general practice training program from selection and entry to achievement of fellowship. They are the benchmark for all providers involved in training. The Standards are outcomes-based and reflect best practice in training. Their purpose is to ensure high quality and safe general practice education and training that meets the needs of registrars, supervisors, medical educators, regulators, and the community. The Standards detail high level training outcomes, requirements for achieving these outcomes and guidance statements. 

Continuing professional development (CPD) Standards  

The CPD Standards provide the basis for setting and maintaining the quality of the CPD program of the RACGP CPD home. There are two components:  

  1. RACGP CPD activity standards. These standards inform the development of CPD activities for the RACGP CPD home under the MBA’s professional performance framework. CPD activities are undertaken to meet the MBA CPD registration standards.   

  1. RACGP CPD provider standards. These standards inform the organisational and CPD activity requirements of CPD providers in the RACGP CPD home. They are also the basis for accreditation of CPD providers by the RACGP CPD home. RACGP CPD providers also need to ensure that all CPD-approved activities meet the RACGP CPD activity standards.