RACGP educational framework


Last revised: 05 Oct 2023


Evaluation is an essential part of maintaining currency, quality and relevance of the educational framework and its guiding instruments.  The intended outcomes for evaluation of the framework are:  

  • the RACGP educational framework is evidence-based.  
  • the framework responds (and is revised) as national health requirements and educational imperatives change.  
  • revisions of the guiding instruments are informed by the educational framework and its guiding principles.  
  • the framework provides a guide for development of educational programs and for educators and learners. 
  • management and delivery of educational programs are integrated across the RACGP.  
  • education is developed coherently across the learning continuum.  
  • education meets its educational imperatives. 

Evaluation of the guiding instruments 

A key objective in the implementation of the RACGP educational framework was to provide clear direction to the revision of the RACGP guiding instruments.  

The guiding instruments are monitored on an ongoing basis as well as having a regular cycle of evaluation and revision to ensure their alignment and to accommodate changing educational imperatives and environments. They respond to emerging issues and needs that are influenced by internal and external factors, including organisational need, external influences such as Department of Health and Aged Care or Australian Medical Council and importantly GP in training needs.   

There are avenues to receive ongoing feedback for the framework and instruments and that feedback is monitored and followed up. Review and revision then occurs as an ongoing collaborative process involving consultation and input from expert advisory groups, RACGP faculties, committees and external organisations as required.