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RACGP educational framework


Last revised: 05 Oct 2023


The RACGP gratefully acknowledges the generous contribution of the following authors and reviewers of the RACGP educational framework.

Version 1.1 (updates 2023) 

Version 1.0 was updated in 2023 to reflect changes in the guiding instruments following their review. The guiding principles and educational imperatives remain unchanged. 

Project team: 

Associate Professor James Brown, National Director of Training 
Dr Judith Culliver, National Clinical Lead, Education Governance and Development  
Nicole Quaife, Senior Education Advisor 
Isla Mapleson, Education Policy and Guidance Lead  
Maria Humphries, Editor


Version 1.0 (original content 2021) 

Dr James Brown
Dr Genevieve Yates
Dr Tess van Duuren
Russell Baker
Ashlee Bailey
Louise Kerr
Dr Craig Fry
Genevieve Ladd
Dr Judith Culliver
Julie-Anne Pho
Dr Lachlan Fieldhouse
Nicole Quaife
Dr Ronald McCoy
Tess Joseph
Clinical Editor; Principal Medical Educator Advisor
Chair; General Manager, Education Services
Acting Censor-in-Chief
Cross-College Transition Program Manager, Fellowship Pathways
Project Manager, Fellowship Pathways
Editor; Instructional Designer, Education Services
Evaluation Coordinator, Fellowship Pathways
Policy Advisor, Strategy and Development, Fellowship Pathways
National Clinical Lead, Education, Strategy & Development 
Policy, Governance and Appeals Coordinator, Fellowship Pathways
National Clinical Lead, Transition, Innovation, Quality & Compliance, Fellowship Pathways
Senior Education Advisor, Education Services
Senior Medical Advisor, Education Services
National Manager, Education, Strategy & Development

RACGP council, education and expert committee representatives

Council of Censors
RACGP Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander Health Council
RACGP Queensland Council  
RACGP Rural Council  
RACGP Tasmania Council  
RACGP Western Australia Council
RACGP expert committee – Pre-Fellowship education
RACGP expert committee – Post-Fellowship education 
RACGP expert committee – Practice Technology and Management 
RACGP expert committee – Quality care
RACGP expert committee – Research 
RACGP expert committee – Standards for general practices 
RACGP Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander health education committee
RACGP Rural education committee 
RACGP South Australia & Northern Territory education and training committee 
RACGP Western Australia education committee 
RACGP Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander health faculty 
RACGP GPs in training faculty  
RACGP Rural faculty 
RACGP Specific Interests faculty 
RACGP state faculties 

Organisational representatives 

Eastern Victoria General Practice Training (EVGPT)
GP Synergy 
General Practice Training Tasmania (GPTT) 
Northern Territory General Practice Education (NTGPE) 
Remote Vocational Training Scheme (RVTS) 
Western Australia General Practice Training Program (WAGPET) 
General Practice Registrars Australia (GPRA)  
Indigenous GP Registrars Network (IGPRN)  
Bond University 
James Cook University  
Monash University  
University of Adelaide  
University of Newcastle 
University of Notre Dame  
UNSW Sydney 



Dr Louise Acland
Dr Anne Alomes 
Dr Mariam Bahemia-Gannon
Dr Sama Balasubramanian 
Dr Janice Bell
Leanne Bird
Dr Sean Black-Tiong
Dr Adelaide Boylan
Dr Ashlea Broomfield
Dr Joanna Bruce
Dr Gary Butler
Dr Rachel Chen
Dr Judith Culliver
Assoc Prof Paresh Dawda 
Dr Krystyna de Lange 
Judy Dew 
Dr Paul Dilena 
Prof Marlene Drysdale 
Le Duong 
Dr Kristen Fitzgerald 
Sumanta Ghosh 
Dr Pat Giddings 
Assoc Prof Lucy Gilkes 
Dr Andrew Gosbell 
Dr Trina Gregory 

Stephan Groombridge 
Kryillos Guirguis 
Professor John Halle 
Dr Paula Heggarty
Gilbert Hennequin 
Assoc Prof Charlotte Hespe
Kathleen Hickey 
Dr Aaron Hollins
Dr Rob Hosking 
Rhys Howard 
Dr Gerard Ingham 
Dr Tim Jackson 
Cassandra Jarrad 
Dr Karin Jodlowski-Tan
Carol Kahn 
Nicole Kinnane
Professor Teng Liaw 
Adrian Low
Dr Shani Macaulay
Assoc Prof Jo-Anne Manski-Nankervis
Professor Daniella Mazza 
Assoc Prof Lawrie McArthur
Dr Jenny McConnell 
Dr Ronald McCoy
Dr Mark Miller 

Hamish Milne 
Dr Vanessa Moran
Dr Olivia O’Donoghue 
Professor Peter O’Mara 
Dr Ameeta Patel 
Emilie Pitter 
Professor Dimity Pond 
Dr Morton Rawlin
Dr Simone Raye 
Dr Lara Roeske 
Dr Timothy Senior 
Dr Simon Slota-Kan
Assoc Prof Jane Smith 
Dr Alison Soerensen
Prof Neil Spike 
Dr Rebecca Stewart 
Assoc Prof Peta-Ann Teague
Dr Geeta Trehan 
Dr Kerry Uebel 
Dr Kylie Vuong 
Dr Helen Wilcox
Dr Bruce Willet 
Rosemary Young 
Dr George Zaharis
Dr Lina Zbaidi