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RACGP educational framework

Appendix 1

Last revised: 05 Oct 2023

Appendix 1

Development and implementation of the RACGP educational framework  

The RACGP educational framework was developed through a formative evaluation approach, which was considered appropriate for the first version of the framework.  

The formative evaluation aimed to ensure that the framework had clear evidence-based principles, aims and objectives, as well as articulated outcomes that can be used to evaluate the framework.  

The development of the framework involved broad stakeholder consultation, internal and external to the RACGP, through multiple reviews and forums. This process was essential for facilitating informed decision making, shaping the final version of the framework, and determining whether the framework was likely to be successful in delivering its intended outcomes. Ongoing consultation will occur as components of the framework are developed, implemented, evaluated, and revised.  

Once finalised, the framework was implemented in two ways. First, it has been embedded into the RACGP’s internal processes. Second, it was published and disseminated to learners, educators, and education programs.  

To ensure the framework remains current, a regular review process was established, including defining triggers for initiating interim reviews. One of these triggers is any significant change in an educational imperative.