RACGP aged care clinical guide (Silver Book)

Silver Book - Part C

Severe behaviour response teams

Last revised: 20 Jul 2023

SBRTs help aged care providers who care for people with severe behavioural and psychological symptoms of dementia in Australian government-funded residential aged care settings or multiple-purpose services. SBRTs work where there is a heightened risk to the person living with dementia, or their care network. 

SBRTs are a mobile workforce of clinical experts, including nurse practitioners, nurses, allied health staff and specialists. 

Dementia Support Australia is the national provider of SBRTs. Key services that SBRTs provide are outlined here.

GPs can contact a Dementia Support Australia consultant on 1800 699 799 for 24-hour support or fill out the form or make a referral on the Dementia Support Australia website, with someone being in touch within 48 hours.

Dementia Support Australia provides a nationwide support service, including support to regional and rural Australia.

To be eligible for SBRTs, the person requiring support must:

  • have a diagnosis of (or is suspected of having) dementia
  • experience behaviours as a result of their dementia that impact their care
  • agree to receive Dementia Support Australia services (or have the consent of their nominated person responsible for their care)
  • be in a Federal Government-approved residential aged care service or be using a multipurpose service.
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