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RACGP aged care clinical guide (Silver Book)

Silver Book - Part B

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Last revised: 14 Jan 2020

General approaches to aged care


'Part B: General approaches to aged care' is intended to complement the chapters in Part A: Common clinical conditions in aged care. It will present information on the principles and essential components of providing healthcare to older people in both residential aged care facilities (RACFs) and those in the community, which will be relevant to general practitioners (GPs) in all stages of their careers. Part B chapters will be divided under three broad themes – challenges of ageing, delivery of healthcare and principles of medical care.

The chapters in Part B will emphasise how the diagnosis and management of clinical conditions differ depending on the patient’s medical, family, social and environmental history and circumstances. In line with the evidence base in Part A, research in this broad field of medical care is scarce. Available systematic reviews and research literature often do not consider the circumstances highlighted above.

Part B will ensure GPs are able to provide appropriate and effective management plans by highlighting and discussing the challenges of ageing, delivery of healthcare and principles of medical care. Where possible, general principles have been included in each chapter, and these reflect the key take-home messages on the topic.