2022 Annual General Meeting

The 65th Annual General Meeting was held on Thursday 24 November 2022 from 4.30pm (AEDT)

65th RACGP Annual General Meeting

Ordinary Resolution 1: Directors’ remuneration
*Requiring 50% of those that vote to be in favour

‘Renumeration of $1,053,761 for the total aggregate amount to cover remuneration for 15 Directors for the 2023-24 financial year (1 July 2023 to 30 June 2024).’

Yes votes: 1288 (72.77%)

No votes: 482 (27.23%)
Total votes: 1770

Ordinary Resolution 2: President’s remuneration
*Requiring 50% of those that vote to be in favour

‘The maximum aggregate amount available to remunerate the RACGP President in performing the constitutional duties of the President is $240,000, effective from the 2022 AGM to the 2023 AGM.’

Yes votes: 1333 (77.23%)
No votes: 393 (22.77%)
Total votes: 1726

Special Resolution 1: Adoption of Amended Constitution
*Requiring 75% of those that vote to be in favour

‘That the RACGP’s Constitution is amended by amending the current RACGP Constitution with those insertions, deletions and drafting changes marked in Annexure A, and the Board is given authority to consolidate and renumber the Constitution accordingly.’

Yes votes: 1345 (85.29%)
No votes: 232 (14.71%)
Total votes: 1577

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