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Putting prevention into practice (Green Book)

Putting prevention into practice (Green Book)

The 1998 1st edition of The Royal Australian College of General Practitioners’ (RACGP) Putting prevention into practice: guidelines for the implementation of prevention in the general practice setting, was an excellent introduction to the delivery of preventive health activities in general practice. Also known as the Green Book, it offered a framework for prevention and a range of effective strategies to improve prevention activities.

Since this edition, knowledge on the subject of prevention has increased significantly. We now know more about what techniques are effective, the processes involved and the most efficient methods to use. The following factors have become even more important:

  • Targeting of preventable diseases
  • Implementation of prevention activities and strategies in our practices
  • Being effective and efficient to improve quality and reduce cost
  • Utilisation of information technology and management systems
  • Teamwork within the practice
  • The use of community resources and support where practical
  • The partnership between the general practitioner, the patient, practice staff and other health professionals.

This 2nd edition of Putting prevention into practice: guidelines for the implementation of prevention in the general practice setting has been created by a multidisciplinary team of experts for use by general practitioners, practice nurses and practice staff. The guidelines are intended to be a practical resource designed to strengthen prevention activities in general practice. The expert team has created an up-to-date prevention approach and identified effective prevention activities for general practice. The pressures of practice and the time constraints associated with patient consultations have been taken into account.

The companion documents, the RACGP Guidelines for preventive activities in general practice(8th edition) (Red Book) and the NACCHO/RACGP National guide to a preventive health assessment in Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander peoples, provide the evidence base for the clinical activities.

The body of evidence for prevention in general practice is substantial and evolutionary. References for this edition of the Green Book were current at the time of going to press.