Green Book

Approaches to implementation - Chapter 3.1


Key points

  • Using a framework can make implementing preventive care activities easier and more successful.
  • Which of the relevant frameworks you choose will depend on your situation and goals.
  • Understanding behaviour and behaviour change is a component of many frameworks and a key part of successful implementation.

The Green Book brings together two main themes: prevention and implementation.

Both of these sit within QI and are inherently associated with behaviour change.

When you decide to improve preventive care in your practice, having a framework to help you plan and implement strategies and interventions can be beneficial. There are several frameworks (and theories) that are relevant to preventive care implementation in general practice, and it can be challenging to select the ‘right’ one.1

It’s important to note that:

  • many strategies and interventions have been shown to be effective when implemented individually or collectively2–56
  • there is no one framework that is more effective for implementing strategies and interventions than the others across all situations20,22,23,57–64
  • many of the theories and frameworks help us understand behaviours and identify techniques to change both patient and practice behaviours.65
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