AGPT practice and supervisor handbook

Overview of the AGPT program

Education program

Last revised: 27 Mar 2024

Education program

Workplace-based learning in community general practice under supervision is the core of general practice training. An in-practice teaching plan is developed by supervisors with each registrar based on their learning needs and the context of the practice.

Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander health is a core unit of the RACGP Curriculum and syllabus in which all registrars are expected to develop competence. Cultural safety training is included in workshops at the regional and local levels.

In-practice teaching

Often teaching activities relate to the registrar’s daily case load, such as one-on-one clinical case discussions and mentoring.
Other activities might include direct observation, case-based teaching, patient scenario discussions, joint consultations, formal teaching on specific topics, demonstration of and participation in clinical procedures, random case analyses, small group discussions and cultural education.

Out-of-practice education

Registrars participate in a minimum of 125 hours of out-of-practice education, including workshops, self-directed learning, peer learning and exam preparation (refer to Table 1 in Out-of-practice time requirements).