AGPT practice and supervisor handbook

Overview of the AGPT program

How to use this handbook

Last revised: 27 Mar 2024

How to use this handbook

Every registrar is different. They may be starting their first general practice placement or near the end of their training. They may be sitting exams or requiring remediation. They may be confident and engaged, or disinterested and struggling.

As a staff member or supervisor at the practice where a registrar is placed, throughout the placement you’ll have different needs at different times. This handbook is designed to give you the answers, resources, tools and links that you need no matter what your query is. It’s been designed for you to dip in and out of as you need, and quickly find answers when an issue arises. Browse through so you have an idea of what is available.

Finally, this handbook provides an array of resources, including links to the General Practice Supervision Australia (GPSA) online educational resources. GPSA has an extensive range of useful resources including teaching plans, guides, online learning modules and webinar recordings. Membership of GPSA is free to supervisors and you can join online.