AGPT practice and supervisor handbook

For supervisors

The designated supervisor

Last revised: 27 Mar 2024

The designated supervisor

Each registrar must have a designated supervisor. A designated supervisor is the supervisor who has full responsibility for a registrar and the practice supervisory team. The designated supervisor is our main point of contact regarding the registrar. In a practice with multiple registrars there may be one designated supervisor for each registrar or one supervisor may be the designated supervisor for up to three registrars. The designated supervisor is linked to the registrar in the TMS.

Other supervisors  

Accredited supervisors

Other accredited supervisors can assist the designated supervisor or act as deputy when the designated supervisor is absent. Other accredited supervisors should be listed in the TMS to ensure they can assist the supervisor in completing assessments and so that the practice is correctly awarded supervisor professional development hours completed by all accredited supervisors in the practice.

Specialist GP who is not an accredited supervisor

In GPT3 and extended skills in general practice terms, other specialist GPs in the practice who are not accredited are allowed to contribute to the day-to-day supervision of the registrar up to 20% of the time a registrar is consulting. A specialist GP who is not an accredited supervisor isn’t required to be recorded in the TMS and can’t complete assessments.

It’s never appropriate for a GP registrar in a general practice training post to be supervised by a doctor who does not have specialist general practitioner recognition.