AGPT practice and supervisor handbook


Last revised: 27 Mar 2024


The RACGP Accreditation standards for training sites and supervisors: Guide to implementation outlines the accreditation requirements for supervisors and training sites. All sites where registrars are placed must be accredited and each registrar must be allocated an accredited supervisor.

Accreditation ensures a uniformly high standard of general practice training throughout Australia, providing registrars with suitable role models, experience, supervision and teaching and access to resources and facilities. 

The RACGP sees the process of accreditation of supervisors and training sites as a collaborative one – we work with all concerned to continually improve the training of our future GPs. 

For information about the full accreditation process, please refer to the AGPT Accreditation application handbook - Training sites and supervisors.

New training practices and supervisors

The initial accreditation provided to a new practice or supervisor is provisional. During this period we provide close support to the new practice and supervisor through regular contact, review and feedback. The aim is to promote practices and supervisors from provisional to full accreditation after they’ve completed 12 months of hosting registrars.


The reaccreditation cycle is generally three years; however, this period may be adjusted to align with the practice’s general practice accreditation cycle. If a practice is accredited by both the RACGP and ACRRM, both colleges will align their reaccreditation dates.

The reaccreditation process is informed by ongoing monitoring of practices and supervisors. We monitor adherence to accreditation standards through the many points of contact with the practice and supervisor, including:

  • informal liaison
  • professional development activities
  • registrar feedback
  • supervisor feedback
  • external clinical teaching visits
  • the registrar placement process.

We also consider any critical incidents relating to the performance of practices and supervisors and relevant information shared by practice accreditation agencies (with the practice’s consent).

We encourage you to view reaccreditation as an opportunity to review your practice’s learning environment and plan future enhancements, and to verify that all components of supervision requirements continue to be met.