Progressive assessment and workplace-based assessment program guide

The RACGP WBA program

Qualities of the program

Last revised: 19 Jan 2023

Qualities of the program

  • A nationally consistent, standardised assessment program with a requirement for a minimum data set that:
    • enables defensible decisions to be made
    • promotes equity for all registrars
    • overcomes the current variability in the type and frequency of WBA tools used across different training regions and in different pathways to Fellowship.
  • The risk of assessor bias is minimised by:
    • adequate assessor training
    • the use of multiple assessors and multiple sources of information.1,5
  • The impact of variability across different practices is minimised by:
    • wide sampling across clinical content by different assessors. Acceptable levels of reliability can be achieved provided sufficient judgements are combined from multiple clinical encounters over multiple occasions.1,5

WBA will be integrated into the progressive assessment framework to ensure that there is adequate assessment across the breadth of competencies described in the RACGP Curriculum and syllabus with an emphasis on assessing those core competencies that are required for a doctor to work as an independent general practitioner (GP) in comprehensive general practice.