Progressive assessment and workplace-based assessment program guide


The principles underlying the progressive assessment framework

Last revised: 19 Jan 2023

The principles underlying the progressive assessment framework

The framework ensures a national approach to assessment, with assessments delivered by national, regional and local RACGP teams. The principles are:

  • A nationally consistent approach to assessment.
  • Applies to all training pathways.
  • Applies to all general practice settings (remote, rural and metropolitan).
  • Assessments are mapped to the RACGP Curriculum and syllabus.
  • Recognises that registrars progress at different rates, depending on their previous clinical experience and learning opportunities.
  • Evidence of competence is gathered from different sources.
  • Registrars are given feedback to encourage self-reflection and to provide guidance for future learning activities through assessment for learning.
  • Registrar progress is reviewed and tracked throughout training to support achievement of learning goals and competency development.
  • Registrars are rated against the standard required at the point of Fellowship at every stage of community-based training following the early assessment for safety and learning (EASL).
  • A clear understanding is gained of a registrar’s progress towards Fellowship through assessment of learning.
  • Decisions about progress to the next stage of training are made by considering all available data.

The Framework shows assessments that are required to be completed at various stages of the training program. All assessments will be mapped to the competency outcomes outlined in the RACGP curriculum and syllabus. The WBA program is integral to the progressive assessment framework as the frequent assessments provide information about the competencies that have been demonstrated at the key training milestones of the Progressive Capability Profile of a GP.