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Progressive assessment and workplace-based assessment program guide


Progressive assessment framework

Last revised: 19 Jan 2023

Progressive assessment framework

The RACGP has developed a progressive assessment framework that aligns with the Australian Medical Council (AMC) Standards for assessment and accreditation of specialist medical programs and professional development programs and the RACGP Standards for general practice training.

An integral and critical part of the education and training in the program will be high-quality, regular low-stakes assessment with constructive feedback to registrars on their performance. It is important to assess the registrar’s progress towards becoming a safe independent general practitioner throughout training and to provide information to guide the registrar’s future learning activities.

The progressive assessment framework (Figure 2) applies to the entire general practice training journey, from the selection of registrars into the training program to the awarding of RACGP Fellowship. Assessment occurs frequently over the course of training, with multiple opportunities for the registrar to demonstrate the knowledge, skills and attitudes required to practise unsupervised in comprehensive Australian general practice.

The framework includes a combination of low-stakes and high-stakes assessments and incorporates both assessment for learning and assessment of learning.

Low-stakes assessments primarily serve to provide feedback on performance and guidance for registrar learning. Information from multiple low-stakes assessments over time will build a picture of a registrar’s progress towards the desired competency outcomes and will contribute to decisions on progression at key points through the training program. Development of learning goals, engagement with appropriate learning activities and subsequent demonstration of effective learning and competency development by the registrar will also be considered. High-stakes assessments, such as the Fellowship exams, are important for final certification purposes.

Figure 2 - Progressive Assessment Framework

Figure 2 - Progressive Assessment Framework