Applicant eligibility


All applicants applying for the PEP Specialist Stream must complete a comparability assessment.

You must hold a recognised specialist qualification in general practice to be eligible.

Qualifications assessed as Substantially Comparable


Certification in the College of Family Physicians 

Hong Kong

Fellow of Hong Kong College of Family Physicians


Membership of the Irish College of General Practitioners


Membership of the Academy of Family Physicians of Malaysia


Specialist in Family Medicine 

New Zealand

Fellowship of the Royal New Zealand College of General Practitioners 

United Kingdom

Membership of the Royal College of General Practitioners 

Qualifications assessed as Partially Comparable


Certificate of Specific Training for General Practice 


Specialist in Family and Community Medicine 


Certificate of Specific Training for General Practice 


Certification of the American Board of Family Medicine 

If you hold a qualification that is not eligible for the PEP Specialist Stream, you may consider the PEP Standard Stream to support your journey to the FRACGP. Please refer to the Fellowship Pathways Policy Framework for further information.

Qualifications assessed as Not Comparable


Master of Family Medicine


Master of General Practice


Certification of Further Education in the Area of General Practice


Diplomate of National Board for the Practice of Family Medicine


Masters of Family Medicine 


General Practice Specialty Qualification


Fellowship of the National Postgraduate Medical College of Nigeria in Family Medicine 


Diplomate of Family and Community Medicine


Specialist General Practice Qualification


Masters in Family Medicine

South Africa

Fellowship of the College of Family Physicians of South Africa 

South Africa

Masters of Family Medicine, University of Witwatersrand 

Sri Lanka

MD Family Medicine


Postgraduate Training Diploma - General Practitioner

United Kingdom

Membership of the Royal College of General Practitioners - International (MRCGP-INT)

If your specialist qualification is not listed above, your training curriculum has not been assessed by the RACGP. Your curriculum must be assessed before you can apply for a comparability assessment.

To have your curriculum assessed, you must provide the following:

  1. An official copy of your training organisation/Medical Board training curriculum
  2. An official letter from your Training Organisation confirming:
    1. this is their curriculum;
    2. curriculum year;
    3. the specialist general practice qualification it leads to; and
    4. the year you obtained this qualification.

If any of these documents are not in English, you must provide a copy of the original and an official English translation.

Please complete the interactive application form, print, sign and return all documents to the RACGP scanned by email to educationsupport@racgp.org.au

Curriculum assessments take up to 10 weeks to assess. Currently, the RACGP is processing a high volume of applications and this may result in delay to curriculum and comparability assessment outcomes. To assist with your application, please ensure that you refer to the Guide to completing the comparability assessment. Assessors will review your specialist colleges’ curriculum against the RACGP curriculum.


 Request for curriculum comparison form (PDF 484 KB)