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To apply for the Royal Australian College of General Practitioners (RACGP) PEP Specialist Stream you will need to sign up for an RACGP member ID. This process takes approximately five minutes. Once you have an ID, you will be able to access the PEP Specialist Stream Application.

Overseas doctors with a specialist qualification in general practice (sometimes known internationally as family medicine) will need to complete a comparability assessment application to determine whether you are eligible to enter the PEP Specialist Stream. You will need to provide documentary evidence to support your application. It is recommended you read the RACGP’s online ‘guide to completing the PEP Specialist Stream comparability assessment’ before you apply to help you prepare your documentation.

There are four stages to enter the Program to attain Fellowship of the RACGP:

Eligibility: You must hold a recognised specialist qualification in general practice to be eligible. If you are eligible, you may apply. Applicants who are not eligible can register their interest for the upcoming, self-funded, education and training program. 

There are three parts to the online applications to complete. 

Part A: Comparability Assessment application (Please note that Comparability Assessments may take up to 10 weeks to assess)

  • After assessment, a comparability outcome is determined as substantially, partially or not comparable. Applicants whose outcome is deemed not comparable can can register their interest for the upcoming, self-funded, education and training program. 
Part B: Job Offer Approval application (may take up to 3 weeks to assess)
  • Information about your job offer(s) in Australia (including scope of practice and location) is reviewed by the RACGP. Once a job offer is approved, applicants can apply for AHPRA Medical Registration.
Part C: Right to Work application (Please note that Provider Numbers may take up to 12 weeks to process)
  • Visa details and a form to request an RACGP provider number is completed.

Once all three parts of the application have been assessed and you have been issued a Medicare Provider Number, you can enter the PEP Specialist Stream and commence work.

Applicants assessed as substantially or partially comparable may apply to enter to the PEP Specialist Stream. Once on the program, applicants must complete all entry and Fellowship requirements before being awarded Fellowship of the RACGP (FRACGP).

For information about the PEP Specialist Stream, please refer to the PEP Specialist Stream Participant guide or email For full details of entry and Fellowship requirements, please refer to the policy page. Applicants must have a valid comparability assessment outcome and pay the PEP Specialist Stream entry fee.