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Comparability Assessment

Completing the comparability assessment

Specialist international medical graduates (SIMGs) who are seeking to enter the PEP Specialist Stream must complete the Comparability assessment.

Comparability is the extent to which an SIMG’s recency, continuity of practice, continual professional development, assessment methods, training, qualifications and clinical experience are assessed as equivalent to an Australian-trained general practitioner at the point of attaining Fellowship.

Comparability assessment criteria


Recency of practice Recency of practice

Applicants must have completed 12 months of full-time equivalent (FTE) general practice in the last 48 months and at least four weeks of FTE general practice in the 12 months prior to applying for comparability. Find out more

Continuity of practice Continuity of practice

Applicants must explain any gaps in clinical practice longer than three months. Find out more 

CPD Continuing Professional Development (CPD)

Applicants must provide evidence of the completion of 50 hours CPD in the last 12 months.  Find out more

Assessment type Assessment type

Applicants must have completed a summative assessment comprising both theoretical and practical components equivalent to those utilised within the RACGP examinations. Find out more

Training route Training route

Applicants must have a specialist general practice qualification and provide evidence of the training route completed. Find out more

Curriculum Curriculum

Applicants must have completed their training with an organisation whose curriculum has been assessed as being similar to that of the RACGP. Find out more


Comparability outcome

On completion of the comparability assessment, applicants will be categorised as substantially comparable, partially comparable or not comparable. Applicants categorised as substantially comparable or partially comparable are eligible for entry to the PEP Specialist Stream. Participants who receive an outcome of  not comparable are eligible to apply for the PEP Standard Stream.


Applicants have been assessed as suitable to undertake the intended scope of practice, taking full responsibility for all patients, with limited oversight of their practice by a supervisor (peer review)

Applicants may apply for Fellowship of the RACGP upon meeting the requirements of the PEP Specialist Stream Substantially Comparable Entry Policy and PEP Specialist Stream Substantially Comparable Requirements for Fellowship Policy.


Applicants have been assessed as suitable to undertake a defined scope of practice in a supervised capacity and reach comparability within 24 months of FTE practice.

Applicants may apply for Fellowship upon meeting the program requirements of the PEP Specialist Stream Partially Comparable Entry Policy and PEP Specialist Stream Partially Comparable Requirements for Fellowship



Applicants do not meet the requirements of the PEP Specialist Stream comparability criteria or who are assessed as unable to reach comparability within 24 months of FTE practice.

Applicants may be eligible to complete the RACGP Fellowship assessment requirements via the Fellowship Support Program (FSP).

To apply for a comparability assessment, please see ‘Apply for the PEP Specialist Stream’.

RACGP medical assessors will review your application to determine your comparability to an Australian-trained specialist general practitioner at the point of Fellowship.

Where the RACGP receives publicly available information about an applicant that may inform the assessment decision, the applicant will be given the opportunity to make a submission about the information.