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RACGP Faculties

RACGP Faculties

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State Faculties


The NSW&ACT faculty supports members across NSW&ACT. We are committed to advocating for the profession and to providing members with opportunities for participation, quality education and collegiality.

RACGP Queensland

RACGP Queensland supports members in our state by providing informative newsletters, professional development, events and educational opportunities.

RACGP South Australia

RACGP South Australia is committed to celebrating and advocating for our profession.

RACGP Northern Territory

RACGP Northern Territory is committed to celebrating and advocating for our profession.

RACGP Tasmania

RACGP Tasmania provides membership services that are right for you through a series of events, workshops and a strong focus and commitment to advocacy and legislative topics 

RACGP Victoria

The RACGP Victoria Faculty believes in the continual education and professional development of our members and offers ongoing professional development courses.

RACGP Western Australia

The RACGP Western Australian faculty informs, educates and engages members through regular events, seminars and courses 

National Faculties

RACGP Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander Health

The RACGP is committed to raising GP awareness of Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander health needs and their cultural context, and to advocating for culturally appropriate health delivery systems, which improve health outcomes.


With over 19,000 members, approximately 8,500 of whom are registered general practitioners in rural and remote Australia, RACGP Rural supports and advocates for GPs working in our rural and remote communities.  

RACGP Specific Interests

The RACGP recognises that many GPs develop interest in specific areas of general practice throughout their career. It values these specific skills and experience through the endorsed groups of RACGP Specific Interests.

RACGP GPs in Training

The RACGP National Faculty for GPs in Training was established in 2019 to increase the GPs in training voice within the RACGP. It ensures there is appropriate representation of GPs in training in education and training governance.