ARST information – pre 2022

From 1 July 2022, The Rural Generalist (RG) Fellowship replaced the Fellowship in Advanced Rural General Practice (FARGP). The Additional Rural Skills curriculums below are for candidates who enrolled in the FARGP prior to 2022.

Additional Rural Skills Training requirements

Completion of a minimum 12 months of Additional Rural Skills Training (ARST) in an accredited training post is an essential component of training towards FARGP.

This additional training is designed to strengthen your core general practice training by providing an opportunity for rural GPs to develop additional skills and expertise in a particular area and enhance their capability to provide secondary-level care to their community.


Each curriculum sets out the competencies that GPs in Training are required to develop to complete their ARST. It also provides a framework for the teaching and learning of the critical knowledge, skills and attitudes that rural GPs require to effectively deliver appropriate inpatient and outpatient in rural and remote communities, where specialist support is often limited.

Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander Health

Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander Health ARST Curriculum

Adult Internal Medicine

Adult Internal Medicine ARST Curriculum Statement
Adult Internal Medicine ARST Curriculum Overview


Anaesthesia ARST Curriculum

Child Health

Child Health ARST Curriculum

Emergency Medicine

Emergency Medicine ARST Curriculum

Mental Health

Mental Health ARST Curriculum
Mental Health for Practising GPs - RPL Form
Mental Health For General Practice Registrars
Mental Health For Practising GP ARST Curriculum Logbook


DRANZCOG Curriculum


Surgery ARST Curriculum

Palliative Care

Palliative Care ARST Curriculum
Palliative Care ARST Logbook


Stress and fatigue in General Practice
ARST policy position statement
FARGP guidelines


FARGP candidates are given a maximum timeframe of four years (FTE) to complete the FARGP requirements.

To assist registrars in completing the FARGP requirements during their GP training, a further 12 months (FTE) from the RACGP Fellow date to complete the non-clinical requirements as a registrar is permitted. After this time registrars will be withdrawn from the FARGP and will need to re-enrol in the FARGP practising GP pathway. 

A FARGP candidate will be withdrawn from RACGP Rural should they fail to complete:

  • FARGP requirements within 12-months (FTE) of their RACGP Fellow date (registrars only)

FARGP requirements within 4-years (FTE) of their enrolment date, without requesting a special circumstances extension RACGP Rural

The RACGP Rural team collaborates with general practitioners to ensure education programs are designed and delivered by GPs and reflect the challenges of working in rural Australia.

Feedback from GPs enrolled in the program, or from GPs interested in taking part, is always welcome. Feedback can be sent to the RACGP Rural Manager via

Members or stakeholders wishing to raise opportunities or issues with the Rural Education Committee can address their feedback to Rural Education Committee Chair and send it to

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