Training regions

View training regions and sub-regions to guide your term placement choices.


Training regions

View training regions and sub-regions to guide your term placement choices.


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Australian training regions

Australia offers a diverse range of GP training experiences across many regions, which span both rural and metropolitan centres. Registrars can nominate a preferred training region.

Training regions provide a unique learning experience, responding to local community needs and demographics. GPs in training must consider how their preferred training region will provide them with the outcomes they wish to achieve in their career.


Heat up your GP career in the Sunshine State. Queensland’s beach towns, outback, and rainforests allow you to escape to nature while Brisbane provides a trendy metropolitan hub.


New South Wales boasts golden beaches, stunning mountains and one of the world's most famous and vibrant cities, Sydney.  Or in the ACT, GPs can enjoy the culture with world-renown museums and galleries. 


Tasmania is known for its pristine rainforests, pure air, unique wildlife and rich history. Pursue your passions around your GP career.  Adventure starts here.

South Australia

South Australia prides itself on its food and wine, world-class art, and cultural and sporting events. Discover South Australian regions and where your GP career could take you. 

Northern Territory

Welcome to the real outback. The Northern Territory is celebrated for its natural treasures, inspiring wildlife and Aboriginal culture. Discover where you could grow as a GP in the NT.


With art, culinary delights, and culture at its fingertips, discover why Victoria is a great state to live. Raise a glass in the Yarra Valley or explore your GP career down the Great Ocean Road. 

Western Australia

Learn about Western Australia regions, where you can experience general practice among some of the world’s best beaches, wineries and expansive outback.

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