Preferencing training pathways

Apply to the AGPT program and preference your pathway choice and training region.

Preferencing training pathways

Apply to the AGPT program and preference your pathway choice and training region.

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Last updated 3 January 2024

Preferencing training pathways

When applying for the general practice experience pathway and the AGPT program, you must also nominate either the general or rural pathway for each of your training region preferences. If you’re subject to Section 19AB(10-year moratorium), you’re restricted from nominating the general pathway and must train on the rural pathway, unless you have an exemption to apply for the general pathway.

The general pathway is for doctors who wish to train primarily in inner- and/or outer-metropolitan areas. Doctors on the general pathway can train in MMM 1–7 areas. Doctors who train on the rural pathway generally do all of their training in rural and remote areas (MMM 2–7).

You can find the MMM classification by using the locator tool on the Department of Health and Aged Care website.

Preferencing training regions

You’ll be asked to nominate your training region and pathway preferences when completing your online application form. The training preferences you indicate will apply for the duration of the AGPT program.

Where a training region offers both general and rural pathways, you have the option of making two nominations for the same training region by nominating both pathways separately, unless you are affected by the 10 year moratorium as outlined above.

Learn more about training pathways and preferences in the AGPT Program Guide. 

Preferencing tips

Before nominating training region and pathway stream and submitting your application, we encourage you to: 

  • Familiarise yourself with each training region 
  • Contact your regional team to discuss the professional opportunities the training region offers. 
  • Familiarise yourself with the region’s services and amenities, such as medical, educational, community, cultural, religious and recreational facilities 
  • Determine the impact of moving to a particular region on yourself, your partner and other family members, if applicable 
  • Ensure the decision to train in a particular region is understood by, and has the support of, your partner/family, if applicable 
  • Familiarise yourself with the expectations and commitment required to complete the AGPT Program, including the current AGPT program

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