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Prevention of chronic disease

Early detection of at risk drinking

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All patients should be asked about the quantity and frequency of alcohol intake from 15 years of age (A).6Those with at-risk patterns of alcohol consumption should be offered brief advice on the risk in drinking (A).90 Motivational interviewing is both a useful and effective counselling strategy to facilitate a decrease of alcohol intake to low-risk drinking (I, B).91–94

Table 7.4.1

Table 7.4.1

Alcohol-related complications: Identifying risk

 What advice, and to whom, should be provided?

Table 7.4.2

What advice, and to whom, should be provided?

Strategies to increase effectiveness

Table 7.4.3

Strategies to increase effectiveness

There is some evidence from earlier systematic reviews that for every 10 hazardous drinkers treated using brief interventions, one will reduce drinking to low-risk levels.102,133,134 For more information, refer to the RACGP’s SNAP guide, 2nd edn.82

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