Guidelines for remote supervision

Evaluation of remote supervision placements

Last revised: 02 Aug 2023

Evaluation of remote supervision placements

The remote supervisor, training site and registrar will be required to participate in the evaluation of remote supervision placements to ensure the models are refined and that the registrars have a safe and high-quality experience.
The approach for evaluation of remote supervision placements is outlined in the RACGP education and training monitoring and evaluation framework. Evaluation questions relating to remote supervision placements include:

  • Has the remote supervision placement achieved comparable outcomes to onsite supervision?
  • Did the registrar, supervisor, training site and patients feel safe?
  • Was the placement educationally sound, resource-efficient and budgeted appropriately?
  • Were the registrar and supervisor appropriately assessed and selected for the local context?
  • Was there adequate community engagement?
  • Were risks identified and managed appropriately?
  • How do supporting components of remote supervision (ie weekly teleconference, designated contact hours with remote supervisor, peer support groups, teaching time, orientation period) contribute to the placement? Do they need to be altered to be more effective?
  • Would the registrar, remote supervisor and training site recommend remote supervision for future placements? If not, what needs to be improved or changed?
  • Is remote supervision feasible and sustainable in this location?
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