Candidate guidelines for the Clinical Competency Exam

Clinical Competency Exam (CCE)

What is the CCE?

Last revised: 10 Aug 2023

The CCE is designed to assess clinical competence and readiness for independent practice as a specialist GP. The exam assesses how you apply your knowledge and clinical reasoning skills when presented with a range of clinical scenarios (called ‘cases’). It allows you to demonstrate your abilities over a range of competencies mapped to the RACGP Curriculum for Australian General Practice (the curriculum).

You are expected to demonstrate application of your clinical skills, as well as your communication skills, including inter-professional and patient-centred communication and professional attitudes, in the context of each of the cases.

Each CCE consists of nine cases delivered in short sessions over two days.

Four cases are in the format of case discussions that involve you discussing a case with the examiner and five cases are clinical encounters where you interact directly with a role-player while the examiner observes and assesses your competency. The CCE is delivered entirely remotely via Zoom. Clinical encounters and case discussions are mixed over both exam days.


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