Candidate guidelines for the Clinical Competency Exam

Clinical Competency Exam (CCE)

Conflicts of interest

Last revised: 10 Aug 2023

You might encounter examiners you know or who you have met before, such as during your general practice training. This is not normally a conflict of interest.

All examiners are provided with a list of candidates they will be examining. They must notify the RACGP if there’s an actual, potential or perceived conflict of interest. Conflicts of interest are managed using QA examiners who step in to examine when a conflict has been identified.

Conflicts of interest can include or relate to, but aren’t limited to:

  • financial and commercial interests, including connections/employment to a commercial exam preparation organisation
  • external employer–employee relationships
  • family connections and kinship
  • receiving gifts or benefits
  • friendships
  • membership of an association, society, company, union or trusteeship
  • professional relationships and collaborations
  • domestic relationships
  • intellectual property.
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